伦敦--(BUSINESS WIRE)--今日,Palmarium 通过其下属子公司 VIEO B.V. 宣布其对 Lebara Group B.V. 及其他 Lebara 商标注册公司的收购已经完成。



创新和业务成功是 Lebara 文化的驱动力,员工队伍多元,客户服务卓越,并斩获众多业内奖项。


Lebara创始人将离开公司,新的领导团队由CEO Graeme Oxby带领,Leon Kruimer 出任CFO,Subhra Das 出任市场与数字化首席官员,Jorg Zeddies出任COO,Jeroen Van Cleef出任CCO。

CEO Graeme Oxby经验丰富,曾任职多家创新电讯公司,其中包含Three与Virgin等知名品牌。在 Virgin,他将公司业务从只有预付款转型为合同业务。加入 Lebara 前,他在Liberty Global任欧洲移动业务总经理时,成功将公司市场扩展至五大新地区。


- END –

Palmarium 公司介绍




Patrick Wild

Aseptic Package Market in China 2017-2022 – Research and Markets

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Aseptic Package Market in China 2017-2022" report has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

From the perspective of aseptic package's sales volume, Western Europe (including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Portuguesa, Spain, Swiss and the UK) is the largest market and UHT manufacturing is popular in countries like Spain and France. And China is the largest market as a single country.

In 2013, sales of aseptic packages grew rapidly in China. From 2014 to 2016, due to slowly increasing market demand, speed of aseptic package's sales decreased as well. In 2016, the sales volume was about 81 billion. Aseptic packages are mainly used in liquid milk products and non-carbonated soft drinks.

China has been one of Tetra Pak's major markets. As local enterprises enter into the aseptic package industry, Tetra Pak's shares in China's market have fallen down. From 2012 to 2016, the price of the package industry decreased. In the future, Tetra Pak's strategic price competition will be addressed with the price even reduced at some degree. But along with competition being more stable, the price will gradually stabilize as well.

For recent years, China has invested more in development of aseptic package technology and equipment. Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Wenzhou and Ningbo are able to produce aseptic packing machines of paper boxes and plastic cups and equipment and packaging materials of ultra-high temperature sterilization.

At present, the application of aseptic packages in China remains lower than international level. Driven by great domestic consumption, the aseptic package industry has good prospects. Years from 2017 to 2022 are predicted to the time when the industry grows the fastest.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Development Environment of Aseptic Package Industry in China

1.1 Economic Environment

1.2 Policy Environment

1.3 Global Aseptic Package Market

2 Development Analysis of Aseptic Package Industry in China, 2012-2016

2.1 Overview

2.2 Supply

2.3 Demand

2.4 Price

3 Analysis of Key Enterprises in China Aseptic Package Industry

3.1 Tetra Pak China Co., Ltd.

3.2 SIG Combibloc (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

3.3 Greatview Aseptic Packaging Co., Ltd.

3.4 Shanghai PRECISE Packaging Co., Ltd.

3.5 Qingdao Likang Packing Co., Ltd.

4 Forecast and Investment Strategy of Aseptic Package Industry in China, 2017-2022

4.1 Forecast

4.2 Investment Strategy

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Research and Markets
Laura Wood, Senior Manager
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Related Topics: Beverage Packaging

Lycopene Market in China 2017-2022 – Research and Markets

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Lycopene Market in China 2017-2022" report has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

In recent years, China has paid more and more attention to lycopene, contributing to the increasing level of the industrial technology and the rising number of enterprises entering into the industry. Therefore, the industrial capacity and output has remained a stable growth. From 2012 to 2016, the compound annual growth rate of lycopene output is around 14% in China. In 2016, the output increased to more than 280 tonnes.

For that lycopene has functions like cancer prevention, research and development about lycopene have been included in the National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), although the result is far behind the international advanced level. At present, lycopene is mainly used in medicines, health products, foods and cosmetics in China. In practical application, lycopene is generally made to capsules. And when applied in foods and medicines, it is featured with cancer prevention and anti-aging function. Moreover, when used as an edible pigment, it is applied to make colors including yellow, orange and red. While in cosmetics, it can prevent sunburn from ultraviolet rays. Thus there is a significant meaning to develop lycopene industry and technology.

Output of lycopene in China exceeds the demand greatly and most of them are exported, while only a few is used to make health products and foods. In 2016, demand for lycopene was about 44 tonnes. Besides, some high-end lycopene and products still need to be imported.

As for the global market, limited by extraction technique, efficiency of extracting lycopene from tomatoes and other by-products remains low, leading to low capacity utilization rate of the industry. The supply is smaller than the demand, indicating a large investment space. As for the market in China, the industry is still in its starting stage and the scale and demand is relatively small. Compared to developed countries, the market in China has bigger development space and good prospects.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Development Environment for Lycopene Industry in China

1.1 Economy

1.2 Policy

2 General Status of China Lycopene Market, 2012-2016

2.1 Supply

2.2 Market Scale

2.3 Demand

2.4 Application

2.5 Price and Cost

2.6 Import and Export

2.7 Industrial Chain

3 Analysis of Key Lycopene Enterprises

3.1 Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Ltd.

3.2 Xinjiang Chalkis Co., Ltd.

3.3 Xinjiang TomatoRed Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

3.4 Xinjiang Keyu Technology Co., Ltd.

3.5 Xinjiang Xiyu Guobao Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

4 Forecast and Investment Suggestions of Lycopene Industry in China, 2017-2022

4.1 Forecast

4.2 Investment Suggestion

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Research and Markets
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Palmarium completes acquisition of Lebara Group

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Palmarium, through their subsidiary VIEO B.V. today announces the acquisition of Lebara Group B.V. and the Lebara Trademark Companies.

Since its inception in 2001, Lebara is recognised as one of the fastest growing pan-European mobile companies. As the value brand for the world’s travelers, students and migrant community, Lebara offers inclusive and accessible products and services.

Through its 275 thousand outlets, Lebara has a unique reach to its growing customer base of over 3.5 million.

Lebara’s culture is driven by innovation and business successes and has a diverse workforce and best-in-class customer service with numerous industry awards.

Palmarium gives Lebara strong backing and expertise to grow and drive the digitalisation of the business.

The founders of Lebara are leaving the company. The new leadership team is led by Graeme Oxby as CEO.

Graeme Oxby is a highly experienced CEO for innovative telecoms companies, including prominent brands such Three and Virgin. At Virgin he transformed its business from prepay only to a contract business. Most recently he was Managing Director of Liberty Global’s European Mobile Business, where he successfully launched five new territories.

“Lebara is a vibrant and exciting growth business with a great deal of potential. I’m excited to be at the helm, and believe this acquisition, combined with the strength of the new leadership team and its strong investors, will take this business to the next level.” Oxby said.

- END –

About Palmarium

Palmarium is a swiss private family office and investor with focus on alternative investments including private equity and real estate.

We leverage our networks to identify opportunities and structuring proprietary transactions around them, with the unique ability to manage complex businesses and situations. The rare combination of our deep sector knowledge and a singular commitment to our principals and partners is reflected in our performance and diverse portfolio of businesses.


Hannah Stephenson

Stevioside Market in China 2017-2022 – Research and Markets

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Stevioside Market in China 2017-2022" report has been added to Research and Markets' offering.

Although stevioside has a long history in South America, China is the major producer, taking 90% of the global capacity, making it the largest planter of stevia rebaudiana, the largest producer and exporter of stevioside. More than 70% of stevioside produced in China is exported, which means overseas demand has bigger influence on the country's output. In 2016, the output of stevioside in the country reached nearly 8,000 tonnes.

In the future, stevioside will be affected by per capita consumption of zero-calorie beverages and new stevioside products will cost less and will benefit people's health. Emerging markets and developing regions create opportunities for investors. Because stevioside has a zero glycemic index and zero calorie, it is popular in many countries.

In recent years, stevioside has replaced some other sweeteners in food, medicine and daily chemical industries, driving continuously rising demand for the sweetener and providing more space for leading enterprises in the industry. At the same time, along with the downstream development, the demand for high-purity stevioside will increase as well, which brings new profits to manufacturers with innovative ability. In 2022, the sales volume of stevioside is forecasted to reach about 4,000 tonnes and the market scale will be around RMB3.4 billion.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Development Environment for Stevioside Industry in China

1.1 Economy

1.2 Policy

1.3 General Development Analysis of Plant Extracts in China

2 General Status of China Stevioside Market, 2012-2016

2.1 Supply

2.2 Market Scale

2.3 Demand

2.4 Price

2.5 Export

3 Industrial Chain of Stevioside in China

3.1 Planting Area of Stevia Rebaudiana

3.2 Downstream

4 Analysis of Key Stevioside Enterprises in China

4.1 PureCircle (Jiangxi) Co. Ltd.

4.2 Zhucheng Haotian Pharm Co., Ltd.

4.3 Qufu Lvtianyuan High Technology Co., Ltd

4.4 Biolotus Technology Jiangsu Inc.

4.3 Chenguang Biotech Group Co., Ltd.

5 Forecast and Investment Suggestions of Stevioside Industry in China, 2017-2022

5.1 Forecast

5.2 Investment Suggestion

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Research and Markets
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Nexperia 采用坚固封装的 AEC-Q101 Trench 9 MOSFET


采用LFPAK56/56E 封装的超结 MOSFET 可将 RDS(on) 降低 30%,

世界上应用范围最广的、符合汽车行业标准的 Power-SO8 MOSFET 现在将应用得更为广泛

奈梅亨 (荷兰)--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nexperia(前恩智浦标准产品部门)今天宣布推出全新 Trench 9 (第 9 代沟槽)功率 MOSFET 系列,主要应用于汽车行业。该行业促使公司将其低压超结技术与先进的封装能力很好地相结合,并提高了器件高性能和耐用性。五年前,公司推出了世界上应用范围最广的、符合汽车行业标准的 Power-SO8 MOSFET。目前,Nexperia 正在扩大这一产品组合,包括超低 RDS(on) 的器件,以满足众多典型的汽车应用日益增长的高功率密度需求。全新第 9 代沟槽器件均符合 AEC-Q101 标准,并在关键可靠性测试(包括温度循环、高温栅偏压、高温反向偏压和间歇运行寿命)中超过了相应国际汽车标准的两倍。

LFPAK56E 是 Nexperia 汽车应用 LFPAK 封装系列产品中的最新创新产品。LFPAK56E 是受欢迎的 LFPAK56 封装的增强版本,具有优化的引线框架和封装设计,可使 RDS(on) 和功率密度提高 30%。功率密度的这一改良使得第 9 代沟槽 LFPAK56 MOSFET 可以用于以前只能使用 D2PAK 和 D2PAK-7 的应用中,能够显著地节省 PCB 空间。

此外,与竞争技术相比,Nexperia 的超结技术可提供更好的雪崩和 SOA(安全操作区域)功能,确保关键器件即使在故障条件下仍然能够生存。传统上,大多数供应商不太会推荐用于单次或重复雪崩应用的 TrenchMOS 技术。然而,第 9 代沟槽技术则专门设计来应对苛刻的应用和故障条件以提供卓越的单次和重复雪崩性能,而 Nexperia 的第 9 代沟槽 MOSFET 数据表与公司以前所有的 TrenchMOS 系列产品一样,包括单次和重复雪崩评级。

Nexperia 的汽车 MOSFET 产品营销经理 Norman Stapelberg 评论道:“为了促进自动驾驶,汽车制造商正在要求许多关键应用(如动力转向和制动)使用双重冗余电路。一级子系统供应商面临的挑战是将额外的电源组件添加到其模块中,而不增加整体 PCB 或模块尺寸。我们的第 9 代沟槽超结技术与我们的 LFPAK56 和 LFPAK56E 封装能力的独特组合使 Nexperia 具有性能和可靠性优势,并且减少占用空间。这样,使客户能够添加双重冗余所需的附加器件,而不会显著增加总 PCB 面积。”

应用包括用于动力转向、传输控制、ABS、ESC、泵(水、油和燃料)、风扇转速控制、电池反接保护和 DC/DC 转换器的有刷和无刷电机控制。目前在样品阶段。


Nexperia 简介

Nexperia 是全球领先的分立元件、逻辑元件与 MOSFET 元件的专业制造商,其前身为恩智浦的标准产品部门,于 2017 年初开始独立运营。Nexperia 注重效率,生产稳定可靠的半导体元件,年产量高达850 亿颗,其很多产品系列符合汽车产业的严格标准。Nexperia 工厂生产的小型封装也是业内领先,不仅具有较高的功率与热效率,还是同类品质之最。

五十多年来,Nexperia 一直为全球各地的大型公司提供优质产品,并在亚洲、欧洲和美国拥有 11,000 名员工。该公司拥有庞大的知识产权组合,并获得了 ISO9001、ISO/TS16949、ISO14001 和 OHSAS18001 认证。



Petra Beekmans,传播与品牌推广负责人
电话:+31 (6)137 111 41

公共代理:BWW Communications
Nick Foot,总监

株式会社フェリシモ神戸本社にて開催 – PR TIMES (プレスリリース)

PR TIMES (プレスリリース)

PR TIMES (プレスリリース)
株式会社フェリシモは、「子どもの権利」を守る民間・非営利の国際組織セーブ・ザ・チルドレン・ジャパンが主宰するイベントに協力し「神戸から発信! 東日本大震災・熊本地震を経験した子どもたちの声」を、株式会社フェリシモ神戸本社内プラットファームにて4月8日(土)開催し ...

iPhoneの省エネをさらに徹底するには「ホーム/ロック画面」の見直しを! – iPad iPhone Wire

iPad iPhone Wire
処理性能が向上すれば消費エネルギーが増えることは、かつては当たり前のことと考えられていた。しかし、より薄く・より軽くが求められるiPhoneのこと、Appleは新技術の投入や設計の見直しを続け、重量・サイズを抑えつつも処理性能を上げることに成功している。 とはいえ、 ...

経産省/製・配・販連携による需要予測で食品ロスを最大40%削減 – LNEWS

経済産業省は4月6日、天気予報で物流を変える取組として「需要予測の精度向上による食品ロス削減及び省エネ物流プロジェクト」の最終報告を発表した。 気象情報と POS データなどのビッグデータを解析し、高度な需要予測を行うことで、余剰に生産している冷やし中華つゆや ...
製・配・販連携による需要予測で食品ロスを最大40%削減!~ 天気予報で物流を変える 【最終報告】 ~経済産業省 (プレスリリース)

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2015年4月6日付 《日経産業新聞》 – 日本経済新聞

2015年4月6日付 《日経産業新聞》
OKIは周囲の雑音や騒音を消し、決まった場所で目的の音声のみを正確に拾い出す技術を開発した。小型マイクを活用し、最大2メートル四方の範囲で利用 ... 作業する場所だけ局所的に効率よく冷やせる仕組み。夏の省エネ効果が確認できれば工場などへの導入も検討する。

8/30 日立新型冷蔵庫 発表!








・ゆとりの収納力 大容量No.1


















7/16 軽量&スリムな掃除機!















3/7 自分だけのバリスタキット!





3/7 エスプレッソメーカー!






3/7 全自動エスプレッソマシン!

日本専用モデル「マグニフィカS スペリオレ」を発売致します(添付pdf参照)。