Terrada Music Score Co., Ltd. Launches Sales of the World’s First Dual-screen E-paper Music Score Device in the European Market

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Terrada Music Score Co., Ltd. of Japan announced that it began offering to the European market on December 4th, 2017 the world’s first dual-screen e-paper music score device (brand name: GVIDO; referred as, the “Digital Music Score Device”) that will revolutionise the music scene, along with original accessories and the GVIDO Services that makes it possible to manage digital music scores. Sales in the European market were launched in five countries: England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The Digital Music Score Device utilizes e-paper, which is minimally reflective and easily viewable. The surface can be written on, and the device is both lightweight and thin, making it possible to carry a large number of music scores. The GVIDO Service being offered at the same time will have two functions, a personal library and a digital music score store, and will allow users not only to manage their digital music scores but also to share notes with other registered members. Please refer to the information below for details.

GVIDO was named as a mark of respect to Guido d’Arezzo, who devised the foundations of staff notation in the early 11th century.

[Sales Information]
Release date: December 4th, 2017
Retail price: £1,500 / €1,700 (Excluding VAT)
Sales method: Via the dedicated website at: https://www.gvidoscore.com/

[GVIDO Service]

The GVIDO Service will be launched at the same time as the GVIDO Digital Music Score Device. The GVIDO Service is comprised of “My Library” and the “GVIDO Store.” “My Library” enables to manage digital music scores and also offers permanent storage for a variety of data including multiple notes that can be shared among registered members. The GVIDO Store offers digital music scores from various publishers optimised for the Digital Music Score Device, with Digital Music Score Devices and original accessories. *
* Date of introduction of digital music score sales and shared functions may vary by region. Some of these services will be fee-based.

[Original GVIDO Accessories]

Foot Switch
A foot switch is designed for turning the pages of music scores. It can be connected either with a cable or wireless; the cable connection provides more stable operation. With a three-switch pedal, it can not only turn pages, but can also call up set lists and perform other functions. In addition, settings, timing and other features can be changed by using of a PC application. To maximise the functions of the foot switch, the new updates will be available in the future.

Genuine Leather Case
A genuine leather case is designed to protect not only the Digital Music Score Device itself, but pianos and other musical instruments. It will be available in three colours (navy, red, light brown), which is made of high-quality European leather from carefully selected cowhide. The case can also be closed by inserting a stylus pen in the pen holder. It is designed and manufactured by SOMÈS SADDLE of Japan.

Stylus pen
A stylus pen improves the ease of writing and erasing on the Digital Music Score Device. It was developed with a new eraser function on the opposite of the pen tip, and it can erase even with light strokes. This pen is included with the Digital Music Score Device, and will also be released as an original accessory for those users who wish to purchase an additional stylus pen.

Sales in the European region will be handled by TRANSCOSMOS UK.


[About Terrada Music Score]

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